About Us

Hello and Welcome

This company had the thought of how nice it would be to make the work of the many talented Judaica artists who were printing lithographs of their ketubah designs more visible and accessible. The vision was twofold:

The first was a commitment to perpetuating the beautiful traditions and rituals of Judaism through the work of these gifted artists. It is with great deference and pride to showcase their work. They appreciate the exposure that this website provides for their artwork, allowing them to spend their time on the creative end. They know that the wholehearted commitment to representing their work in a positive light, together with very warm and personal service is a winning combination that benefits all.

When enhancing the performance of a mitzvah by using a beautiful ritual object for the purpose, it is known as Hiddur Mitzvah. The resurgence of interest in Judaica over the last decades is very exciting as it reflects the desire of Jews from every style of observance to bring their heritage into their homes. This trend has brought about the most fantastic explosion of creativity by Judaica artists. With new technologies and materials, everyone can afford Judaica from the charming to the elegant. This connection to our roots is evidence of the tenacity of the Jewish people and the survival of our culture and tradition through periods of turbulence and respite. These objet d'art will be a legacy to future generations and will perpetuate our essence.

The hope is that through the works of art showcased, your connection to your Jewish heritage will be reinforced and perpetuated by having them in your home and incorporating them into your life.